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5 Roof Maintenance Tips You Need To Know

Today on the blog we are shining the spotlight on roof maintenance. Roofs are expensive to replace and we usually don’t give them a second thought until we either a. have water leaking into our home or b. are in the process of selling our home and the buyer has an inspection along with a laundry list of roof repair requests. This habit needs to stop!Maintaining a roof every few years will not only add lifespan to the underlayment but can avoid a catastrophic and unexpected leak. If you plan on selling your home in the near future, our suggestion is to have a home’s roof maintenance performed prior to hitting the market.  What does it mean to “maintenance” your roof? To help us answer this question and more, we are handing the blog over to our trusted, go-to roofer Jason Payne with State 48 Roofing:

“I pride myself in being a roofing educator. I believe in helping clients understand what it takes to maintain a roof and what it needs in order to protect your assets during a home sale”

Here are 5 things to address on your roof every 2 years:

1. Replace the broken/cracked tiles
2. Secure all of the loose and slipped tiles
3. Replace the broken mortar packs
4. Remove the debris from the valleys and gutters

5. Secure all of the pipe jacks and roofing penetrations

If you have plans to sell your home, I recommend having all of the above items taken care of and the roof/fascia board inspected for any visible wood rot BEFORE you list your home. The goal is to have your home inspection report pass with flying colors, not look like an encyclopedia book.  You want the inside of your home to look prepared and clean but let’s not forget about your roof looking maintained and free of debris.

Life expectancy timelines to consider before selling your home:

1. If the patio roof is 15+ years old you should consider replacing it before listing your home.
2. If your tile roof is 18+ years old we recommend having us come out for a roof inspection to analyze the tile underlayment and determine its future life expectancy

3. If your shingle roof is 20+ years old you should consider replacing it before listing your home.

Let us help keep your roof looking #SexyRoofStatus. Give us a call today to schedule your roof inspection at (602) 647-9906 or visit our website State 48 Roofing



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