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Home Selling 101

Now that you have made the decision to sell your home it is equally important that you showcase your home to its ultimate potential.  In order to receive the most value out of your home sale you should follow some of these helpful hints to make your home inviting to potential buyers:


  • Make sure your home is always clean. All beds are made and all household items are stowed in their proper place. In our listing consultation we will always recommend a professional deep clean of your home and any carpeting.
  • By keeping your home clean it also ensure that your house smells good.  This is extremely important.  The first thing a buyer experiences when entering your home is smell.  Do not run to the store and buy a plug-in or room spray! We recommend an essential oil diffuser with a simple scent like lavender or lemon (Amazon) but you can also purchase a neutral scented candle with similar aromas.
  • The kitchen and bathrooms should always be impeccably clean, no exceptions.  Dirty kitchens and bathrooms are turn offs for potential buyers. During our listing consultation with seller we will always recommend counter tops be as de-cluttered as possible and any toiletry items be stowed away in a cabinet.  Buyer’s don’t care to know what shampoo or toothpaste you use  so purchase a toiletry caddy to make life easier while on the market and actively showing your home.
  • Curb appeal is also very important as it is the first thing the buyer will see.   Hire a professional landscaping company to come and trim the grass, weeds, hedges, bushes, trees etc…  After that maintain the curb appeal of your home, this will really show well to potential buyers and make them remember your home.
  • Bugs/Pests can scare any good potential buyer away.  It would be in your best interest to hire an exterminator to be certain all pests are eliminated from your home. We have several great referrals.
  • Keep in mind that buyers are usually out looking at 5-10 properties at a time.  Your goal is to captivate their interests while they are in your home.  It is very easy to forget the features of a home when a buyer is looking at 10.  Be the home that buyer remembers.  Nothing triggers an individual’s memory like smell and visuals.

Email or call us to set up your personal listing consultation.  A member of our team will provide you with our Seller Guide, Listing Package Presentation and several tips for prepping your home for a quick, successful sale. 



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